HTTPS / TLS only

Service is HTTPS-only with security HTTP headers? Yes / No

The service is available only over an encrypted connection. A plain HTTP connection is allowed only for the initial redirect. Furthermore, the HTTP responses should include security headers like HTTP Strict Transport Security, X-Frame-Option and HTTPS-only cookies with no JavaScript access.

Encryption protects again man-in-the-middle attacks which include:

  • Malware tapping traffic locally
  • Compromised Wi-Fi routers
  • Malicious Tor exit nodes
  • Nationstate actors and mass surveillance

The X-Frame-Option HTTP response header prevents clickjacking attacks, though it is not related to transport security directly.

If the site loads resources from external content delivery networks (CDNs), these downloads should be marked with subresource integrity tags to prevent attacks through a compromised CDN provider.

Applies for: Everyone

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