About the author

With passion to technology and open source, Mikko Ohtamaa has worked in technology startups and mobile companies since mid nineties. Before a graduation in MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from University of Oulu, Mikko worked for mobile web pioneers such as Nokia, iobox and MyOrigo. Later Mikko pursued entrepreneurial career, first in software development consultancy, then as the CTO of LocalBitcoins.

Mikko’s professional past includes architecture design for international medical systems where privacy and proper authorization played a key role. When working as the CTO of LocalBitcoins, a global Bitcoin exchange, he was protecting the financial assets of thousands of customers. Building one of the top high-value targets for cybercriminals, it showed what is is to be at the receiving end of phishing, denial or service, black hat and other attacks. This responsibility, where a security compromise could mean the end of business, harming millions of people, sparked to write about information security from a practical viewpoint. The security should not be an external component to business activities, but something that horizontally cuts across organization.

Mikko wrote his first bits of HTML in 1995. His favorite software development ecosystems are Python and JavaScript. You can follow his blog opensourcehacker.com or Twitter account where web development and information security-themed articles appear regularly.