Date: 2015-06-01

Assets stolen: 60k USD, a popular Bitcoin wallet service, has been a target for Google AdWords phishing campaigns multiple times over the years 2013-2015.

The attackers buy the top spot of the Google AdWords for words “blockchain info”. The advertisement points to a phishing site.

The users arrive to Google search results when typing “blockchain info” or similar input to the web browser URL bar. When viewing the result page, the end users don’t understand the difference between the phishing ad and the legit search results.

The link in the phishing advertisement has been genuine-like or totally bogus pointing to some random static site hosting service.

When the victim logs in to the phishing site, which have been made to look like, the attackers steal the credentials. Then the attackers proceed to empty the wallet of the victim. does not disclose phishing data or Bitcoins lost to phishing. They do not reimburse the users’ losses. The reports from individual users on popular forums suggest at least 25 BTC have been stolen this way.

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